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i am new here we go..........
1)Name: Jessica
2)Age: 16 but i will be 17 on sept. 19th
3)Where are u from(tells us about it): San Antonio it ok to hot for an emo girl like me i want it cold an rainy.......seriously
4)5 of your Favorite Bands and your favorite songs and what they mean to you:
-1.taking back snday-i love every song they put out because they are just so great and can listen to them for hours
-2.the smiths-how soon is now? the mozzer is the best i love him too much
-3.Bright Eyes-you? will- conor has the best sad voice
-4.the white siripes- dead leaves and the dirty ground. jack is the best and the video is hot
-5.thirty3- every song is beautiful
5)5 or your Favorite Movies and why:
-lost in translation- 2 words :Scarlett Johannson
-SLC PUNK- Matthew lillard is the hottest punk rock boy
-Cry Baby- two word Johnny Depp
-Deuces Wild- corny yet satisfiyng
-cant think of another
6)Relationship Stats: single, but i DO have a friend that i mess with because i dont want to e heart broken again
7)Have you ever had areally hard break up if so which role did u play as...or both: yes i was the broken hearted crying my eyes red 'till my eye color turns green . :^(
8) whats up with ur lj name?: i thought of it on the spot
9)Did you ever sleep with my mom(or ever consider it): no
9)If you were and ice cream flavor which flavor would u be: chocolate
9) Is ur computer ghetto?(if yes how ghetto): yes it is filled with music so it goes SUPER slow
9)why are there four number nines on this survey?: that i cant answer
10)What do you honestly think emo is: emotional people, music, things. and/or crying ALOT
11)Why should u be a member: i am in love with emo music and emo boys
12)Will give u fifty dollars(if not why): i would if you really needed it
13)In all honestly think you're emo: at times
14)Tells us about some underground bands or anything: Field of seed is a local band emo-core type very lovely
15)Mama always says:"put in ur little advise or something quirk in the quotes" dont give your heart to the person too fast because breaking up sucks
16)Have to ever watched pokemon or anything anime'(if not why not,if yeah which ones and why): yeah cowboy bebop. yu gi oh
17)Will u sell ur soul for a bag of gold: no cause if i sell my soul for a bag of gold to you which one of us would be the foolish one? which one would be the fool
18)Think ur hot stuff eh? show us a pic: dont got one sorry
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