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1)Name: Tikka Masala
2)Age: whats it to u *glares* 14 plus
3)Where are u from(tells us about it): India
4)5 of your Favorite Bands and your favorite songs and what they mean to you: Alive Taxi for Ugly, Flogging Molly, The Beatles, Alexispantsonfire, (s0) Hot Hot Heat that I could have a stroke.
My fave quote: "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" - emo kids.

5)5 or your Favorite Movies and why: oliver and company, aladdin, the muppet movie, emo kids dont cry, and muppets in space. BECAUSE I LIKE THEM, THAT'S WHY
6)Relationship Stats: widowed
7)Have you ever had areally hard break up if so which role did u play as...or both: yeah. my husband died.
8) whats up with ur lj name?: it's irish.
9)Did you ever sleep with my mom(or ever consider it): i'm not a lesbiano
9)If you were and ice cream flavor which flavor would u be: anything that's not GAY like bubblegum
9) Is ur computer ghetto?(if yes how ghetto): My computer's a computer. It has no label. Except for the "Intel Inside" sticker and the cute "presario" on the front
9)why are there four number nines on this survey?: Because you can't fucking count
10)What do you honestly think emo is: Gay. Haha Just Kidding.
11)Why should u be a member: I shouldn't.
12)Will give u fifty dollars(if not why): WTF? Speak English.
13)In all honestly think you're emo: no.
14)Tells us about some underground bands or anything: Molly Malone and the Moles; Adam Ant (get it - undergrond... ant! lOLOLOLlll im so ferrny)
15)Mama always says:"put in ur little advise or something quirk in the quotes" my advice is to learn how to fucking type.
16)Have to ever watched pokemon or anything anime'(if not why not,if yeah which ones and why): oh yeah. because i'm gay. and pokeyourass is gay.
17)Will u sell ur soul for a bag of gold: no.
18)Think ur hot stuff eh? show us a pic :

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