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1)Name: Melissa Anne(without the e)
2)Age: whats it to u *glares* 18
3)Where are u from(tells us about it): Origionally from Jacsonville, FL... it was amazing there... now in Chicopee, MA... it blows here... nothing to do...lame
4)5 of your Favorite Bands and your favorite songs and what they mean to you:
* Taking Back Sunday -One-eighty by summer ... i just love it the way adam says "I need you defenseless, dependent and alone"
* underOATH - Can't possibly pick one
* Alkaline Trio - Radio... When I listen "It helps me to rule out my sorrow... It helps me to empty my mind" Only a few of you will get that.
* Sugarcult - Memory... I miss my courtney
* Rufio - Save the world... if you have ever been forced to go to church then you would understand
5)5 or your Favorite Movies and why:
* The breakfast club - Its just so goooooooooooooooood
* Requiem for a dream - Its intense... and Jared Leto.... yummy
* Trainspoting - also intense and scotland is hXc
* Snatch - brad pitt doesnt have a shirt on throughout the whole movie... if thats not enought hes a gypsie... and i cant spell
* Bowling for Columbine - No need to explain
6)Relationship Stats: SIngle-ish
7)Have you ever had a really hard break up if so which role did u play as...or both: What?
8) whats up with ur lj name?: Ever heard underOATH? Enough Said..
9)Did you ever sleep with my mom(or ever consider it): Hasn't everybody?
9)If you were and ice cream flavor which flavor would u be: Strawberry... its yummy
9) Is ur computer ghetto?(if yes how ghetto): No way... I <3 my lap top
9)why are there four number nines on this survey?: Because whoever made this up kept lapsing bakc in time a min...
10)What do you honestly think emo is: What makes you feel something unexplainable... its a hard question... its more than music or a look... its s feeling
11)Why should u be a member: I probally shouldnt
12)Will give u fifty dollars(if not why): No... I'm really poor... and besides... NO
13)In all honestly think you're emo: Yea...
14)Tells us about some underground bands or anything: ummm... antilove, a caustic kiss, lets dance... all in the 413 area code scene
15)Mama always says:"ignorance is not sexy"
16)Have to ever watched pokemon or anything anime'(if not why not,if yeah which ones and why): No fucking way... are you kidding? Just no...
17)Will u sell ur soul for a bag of gold: Nope
18)Think ur hot stuff eh? show us a pic:
Well Im certainly not "hot stuff" but oh well...


Crazy fucking beat
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