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1)Name: jade
2)Age: 14
3)Where are u from(tells us about it): kentucky. it sux. i want to move to florida with my aunt and uncle. or back to indiana.
4)5 of your Favorite Bands and your favorite songs and what they mean to you:taking back sunday, fall out boy, snow patrol, story of the year, yellowcard.
way away-coulters favorite song
miles apart-the song coulter dedicated to me when he moved.
cute with out the e cut from the team - it makes me head bang
on the way down- because ryan cabrera looks like coulter and coulter sang that song to me
timberwolves of newjersey- because adam has the mic and i've got him mosh pit lol
5)5 or your Favorite Movies and why: the breakfast club b/c molly ringwald and ally sheedy are my idols. pretty in pink-molly ringwald is my idol and duckie is funny. dirty dancing-because me and coulter loved to salsa to it. dirty dancing havana nights because thats the last movie me and coulter watched together. the butterfly effect because the teenage version of evan is just plain dreamy and it's a really good movie.
6)Relationship Stats: im currently single i guess you could say although i have this guy named jay who is really hot that is like wanting to go out w/ me but id rather not go out w/ him. yeah. and i have a stalker btu we wont go there.
7)Have you ever had areally hard break up if so which role did u play as...or both: yes i broke up with him and he continued to stalk me and he still does. and he doesn't leave me alone and he's a freak.
8) whats up with ur lj name?: i dunno. it describes me i guess.
9)Did you ever sleep with my mom(or ever consider it): no and no.
9)If you were and ice cream flavor which flavor would u be: strawberry
9) Is ur computer ghetto?(if yes how ghetto): no not really. it's pretty up to date i guess.
9)why are there four number nines on this survey?: number lines? what?
10)What do you honestly think emo is: i think it's being able to express yourself in any way. to be able to cry it out or scream it out or write it out in morbid poetry or songs. however you feel you need to express yourself.
11)Why should u be a member: because i dunno. because im really nice i guess and want to meet new people.
12)Will give u fifty dollars(if not why): no because i dont want to accept money for no reason. lol
13)In all honestly think you're emo: yes
14)Tells us about some underground bands or anything: fall out boy is considered an underground band. they're one of my favorites. really i dont pay attention to the UNDERGROUND part. just the music i listen too.
15)Mama always says:"put in ur little advise or something quirk in the quotes" okay u just lost me. ill give a quote. wipe your eyes dear. it can't rain everyday.
16)Have to ever watched pokemon or anything anime'(if not why not,if yeah which ones and why): pokemon b/c i was babysitting charlie one day and i was forced to.
17)Will u sell ur soul for a bag of gold: no because im not all that greedy.
18)Think ur hot stuff eh? show us a pic:

my shoes. my great friend scarletts memorial paper. my 80's style bracelet, and the rose from her casket.i miss her.

my picture i was fooling around w/ taking for coulter.

the other pic taken for coulter.
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