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1)Name: Brooke
2)Age: 20
3)Where are u from(tells us about it): Australia... I love it...
4)5 of your Favorite Bands and your favorite songs and what they mean to you:
**Treble Charger - Don't Believe it all: because it's so true!!
**Straylight Run - Mistakes we knew we were making: its sad but true and the lyrics are good!
**The Juliana Theory - August in Bethany and Into the dark
**Joy Division - Atmosphere: I like the lyrics
**The Cure - Trust

Another favourite song is The Luckiest by Ben Folds and it means a lot to me because I believe that although I'm not good at everything, to be the way I am with the friends I have, I am the luckiest.

5)5 or your Favorite Movies and why:
**Mean Machine - it's got Vinnie Jones in it and it's a cool soccer movie!
**The Shawshank Redemption - it's got a pretty powerful mnessage to it!
**Mary Poppins - Favourite Movie from my childhood
**Boys Don't Cry - it's a complicated movie with great acting and it makes me emotional!
**Empire Records - because it's just a great movie!!!

6)Relationship Stats: I am single... very single... wanting someone to love me...
7)Have you ever had areally hard break up if so which role did u play as...or both: I had a pretty hard break up... and I was the dumpER. Like straylight run state: It's for the best!
8) whats up with ur lj name?: Its been my nickname since I was 14!
9)Did you ever sleep with my mom(or ever consider it): Haha... ahh... no.
9)If you were and ice cream flavor which flavor would u be: Cookies and Cream
9) Is ur computer ghetto?(if yes how ghetto):ahh... nah.... it's all good!
9)why are there four number nines on this survey?: i so did not notice that until you pointed that out...
10)What do you honestly think emo is: emotions... a way to express the way that you feel... it's kick ass music!!
11)Why should u be a member: because I am nice, and because everyone in this community seems so cool... Also because I am an Aussie and because I know some top up and coming Australian Emo and punk bands that I know you'll all just love!
12)Will give u fifty dollars(if not why): now that would depend on what you would do for that fifty dollars!
13)In all honestly think you're emo: somewhat... yeah I think I am...
14)Tells us about some underground bands or anything: Little Birdy is a hell cool band from Australia. And John Butler Trio is also a top Aussie band... Who else can I recommend... hmm... Xavier Rudd! They are all top Aussie Bands!
15)Mama always says:"learn how to wipe your own ass and you'll succeed in life"
16)Have to ever watched pokemon or anything anime'(if not why not,if yeah which ones and why): Yeah I watched Pokemon... I was a big fan of the first and second series... and I watched Dragon Ball Z once with my nephew...
17)Will u sell ur soul for a bag of gold: hell no
18)Think ur hot stuff eh? show us a pic:

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